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Previous Essay Contest Winners

2018 Essay Contest Winners

Category 1: Jazmine Beatty
Essay Title: "The Defining Feature of the Black Race"
Professor: Jason Coates
Course: English 1310

Category 2: Lauren Frank
Essay Title:  "The Disappearance of the Lesbian Bar"
Professor: Ashton Kamburoff
Course: ENG 1320

Category 3: Chloe Hinze
Essay Title: "Old English, as Illustrated by 'The Dream of the Rood'"
Professor: Dr. Susan Morrison
Course: ENG 3319

Category 4: Natalie C. Brown
Essay Title: "Narrowing the Cutter: Rendering Images in Text in The Red Parts"
Professor: Dr. Geneva Gano
Course: ENG 5320

2017 Essay Contest Winners

Category 1: Elias Rivas
Essay Title:  "Culture Discretion: How Music, Poetry, and America Adopted me or Nineteen: The Age of Inquisition"
Professor: Ross Feeler
Course: English 1310

Category 2: Gabri Brown
Essay Title: "Colorism: The Origins of an Antagonizing System"
Professor: Shannon Shaw
Course: English 1320

Category 3: Jonathon Wellinger
Essay Title: "A Graver Situation: Flint and Obsidian Needles"
Professor: Dr. Robert Lassen
Course: Anthropology 4315

Category 4: Lauren Ferebee
Essay Title: "'Hear the Bones Sing': The Reinvention of the Narrative Body in Four Plays"
Professor: Dr. Sandra Mayo
Course: Theatre 5369

2016 Essay Contest Winners

Category 1: Amira H. Mohamed
Essay Title:  "A Letter to Our President-Elect"
Professor: Ross Feeler
Course: English 1310

Category 2: Ethan Roberts
Essay Title: "Thorium: The Final Frontier"
Professor: Sean Rose
Course: English 1320

Category 3: John Michael Hoke
Essay Title: "The Reversal of Social Class Structure: An Analysis of the Servant Class in Commedia dell'Arte"
Professor: Kevin Gates
Course: Theatre 3320

Category 4: Erica Nielson Vargas
Essay Title: "A Formative Research Design Study to Enhance Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, and Motivation of Students in Integrated Reading and Writing through Participation in an Eight-Week Mindfulness-Based stress Reduction Program" 
Professor: Dr. Eric J. Paulson
Course: Developmental Education 7999

2015 Essay Contest Winners

Category 1: Samantha Yarto
Essay Title: "Fifty Stars, One Flag: How the Common Core State Standards Will Unite America"
Professor: Sarah Youree
Course: English 1310

Category 2: Bianca Beronio
Essay Title: "Desperate Glory: Wilfred Owen and Grim Reality of WWI"
Professor: William Feeler
Course: English 1320

Category 3: Marcelina Garcia
Essay Title: “A Portrait of Community and Violence in South Texas 1930-1975”
Professor: Laura Ellis-Lai
Course: Honors 3395

Category 4: Jane Hawley
Essay Title: "Houses, Hotels, and Hauntings: The Functions of Physical Structures and Magical Realism in One Hundred Years of Solitude, Beloved, and The Lady Matador's Hotel"
Professor: Dr.Teya Rosenberg
Course: English 5231